Open door at Haebaru Ryukyu Ikat Hall - 2017.11.26

(in English: Ryukyu Ikat Hall)
as they had an open door event
 where one could admire fine handwoven 'Ryukyu kasuri' ikat patterns. 
 I was shocked to hear that these silken weaves (above) were sold for a much lower price than they should normally due to the fact that they contain some (in my eyes) little mistakes.
 Some of them are transformed in Western clothes or bags.
They are checked severely by specialists and when they are not perfect,
they are sold at lower prices.
However, these handwoven silken weaves
are beautiful and contain very fine and difficult ikat patterns!

Swedish lace weave with polished linen for bobbin lace

About a week ago, I finished my

This yarn is strong and easy to weave!

The patterns for this Swedish lace weave
are based on pages 187 and 188 of 
'Handweaver's pattern book' by Anne Dixon.
test weaving with a green and red cotton weft
yellow cotton weft