Okinawan ikat weaving

During my trip to Okinawa in September 2011, I visited different weaving workshops and weaving centers. The closest center is Haebara, where I like to go, because it is open to visitors. The weavers there mainly weave Ryukyu-gasuri. Near the workshop, there is also a shop where one can buy hand-made weavings and garments. I was lucky, because when I visited the center, there were rests of dyed yarn available. One of the employees recognised me from a picture in a newspaper article dated a few years ago.

flyer promoting 'Ryukyu Kasuri' and 'Haebaru hana-ori'.

'Ryukyu Kasuri' is typical Okinawan ikat.
'Hana' litterally means 'flower' and refers to the cute patterns made of fine weft float weaving.
'Ori' stands for 'weaving (technique)'. 

The shop at Haebaru Weaving Center (Okinawa, Japan)

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